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Collecto in Cloud - Antares 3000

Fasten the credit collection process,
choose Collecto in cloud!

Does your company need an efficient system to solicit those clients who have not paid their invoices yet? Collecto in cloud, the customised software devised for debt collection, thinks about everything.


Collecto in cloud is specialised in credit management, it can be integrated with the ERP used in your company and it is designed to organise and automate those actions that are necessary for the credit recovery process.


The platform has a well-structured workflow, that allows it to manage many procedures automatically, from checking the status of accounting documents to sending reminders to clients.

Moreover, it can manage a high amount of data, guaranteeing the highest standards of safety, reliability, and performance.

Our debt collection solution authorizes:

  • unattended sending of reminders
  • multilingual management of requests
  • organization of collection plans
  • organization of expected collections, transfers that need to be allocated, reminders
  • massive manual or automated forwarding of reminders
  • integration with Microsoft 365 applications



Collecto in Cloud - Antares 3000