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Gestione Turni in Cloud - Antares 3000

Gestione Turni: the shift planning
that satisfies your organizational needs!

Gestione turni in cloud is the customised software devised for every type of organisation (aid, rescue, etc …) that want to manage their staff’s day and night shifts in a quick, simple, and automatic way.


By entering the association rules (roles, crew composition, rest shifts, etc…) and the volunteers’ organizational preferences, the program will process data and will generate the list and the shifts of the required period automatically.


Gestione turni in cloud is also available in its Pro version: more functionality and convenience to fulfil every request.

The platform gives the possibility to:

  • simplify the procedures for the creation of monthly work shifts
  • quicken organisational and logistical activities
  • minimise the time loss in compiling availabilities
  • browse from every tool that can log on the Internet

In particular, one of the main functionalities, allows the volunteers to report their presences or absences in autonomy, then the system includes them in the calculation algorithms automatically.


Gestione Turni in Cloud - Antares 3000