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NCC in Cloud - Antares 3000

Organize and optimize
NCC bookings, in cloud!

NCC in cloud allows the call center to plan the services, drivers, and vehicles through a single, simple, and functional platform.

The system receives a request and assigns a driver to the client. Through the specific application, the driver can monitor all the services he still has to do and communicate in real time pieces of information about clients and transfers to his company.

Thanks to its many automatised and integrated functions, NCC in cloud is the complete and ideal solution for those companies that deal with rental with driver, shuttles, and buses.

Some of the software features:

  • check the availabilities of vehicles in real time
  • coordinate and manage external carriers
  • calculate kilometres and rates automatically
  • send the estimated amount to the client
  • alert the driver about the services that must be done


NCC in Cloud - Antares 3000