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Steeva - Antares 3000

Steeva: electronic invoicing has never been so easy!

Steeva is the electronic invoicing system devised to simplify the administrative management of your company according to regulations.


The module allows you to manage the electronic invoicing, both active and passive cycle, and to create the relative XML file. The production of the XML file serves the purpose of transmitting data to SDI Interchange System.


The platform files your documents legally, replacing the need for bulky and expensive paper files in your office.


Steeva’s functions:

ELECTRONIC INVOICING for both active and passive cycle that can be integrated with the ERP used in your company

CONSERVAZIONE SOSTITUTIVA (replacement storage) in the electronic format, that protects all your files in accordance with the law.

ELECTRONIC ARCHIVING to manage your company’s documents and let them be easily accessible.

For major details, visit the website:

Steeva - Fatturazione Elettronica - Antares 3000